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Home Surge Protection

Home Surge Protection

What is a Power Surge?
Power surges are short electricity bursts that create a spike in your home’s electrical current, potentially causing damage to your home wiring, electronics or appliances. The stronger the surge, the more likely they can cause damage to electronic devices.

What can cause a surge?
Storms – Lightning is potentially the most severe source of a power surge. Lightning can generate enough excess power to fry every appliance and piece of electrical equipment in your home

Improper/worn wiring – The condition of electrical wiring in your home can affect how well it can handle excess voltage.

Devices that run off motors – Any devise that uses electricity, specifically those that run off motors, have the potential to cause a power surge.
Overloaded outlets or circuits – Plugging too many appliances or electronics in the same sockets can lead to power surges and electric fires.

What are the benefits of surge protection?
Home surge protection helps reduce the risk of electrical fires due to power surges and helps avoids unexpected costs by creating a layer of protection for your electronics and large and small appliances.

How do surge protectors work?
Surge protectors limit the voltage supplied to electric devices in your home when a power surge occurs, preventing those devices from getting more electricity than needed, and protecting them from damage.

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